My name is Melissa

I am the girl with the camera who wants to capture your special memories.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a Momma to a beautiful baby girl. Aside from loving to spend time with my amazing family and friends I love music, the beach, wine nights and adventures and pretty much anything that involves swimming, camping and exploring new places and almost anything outdoors.

"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second"

- Marc Riboud

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. Been carrying around a camera for my entire childhood and adult life. I never thought to pursue classes in Photography in high school, I just took pictures all the time. I went to college to be a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, while in college I decided to take photography and learn about the film process. I became hooked and started taking pictures of everything I saw. I was in love. I got my first DSLR canon rebel xti in 2008. I enjoyed it as a hobby for another few years before starting to bug friends and family to let me shoot them.

I started a business first for fun then decided I wanted to shoot families and kiddos part time. I did that for a while then started to take things further and purchased photoshop and also started buying lenses and then finally got my first full frame camera. I have mentored with many other photographers to learn more and take my career farther. I found a huge passion for families and maternity and newborns, I do also shoot weddings and High School seniors and boudoir Photography but my main passion is capturing beautiful fun family memories and getting to see a soon to be Mamma’s glow and getting to capture all the tiny things to love with newborn babies.