Fun Family Beach Shoot

I loved everything about this day in Santa Cruz at Lighthouse State Beach. Lighthouse State Beach is gorgeous, and it was sunny and a little chilly all day then about 5 minutes before Michelle and her parents and 2 boys got to the beach got super cloudy and clouds came in fast. I was not worried about losing my sun just a tad concerned everyone was going to freeze their tushies off. Michelle had contacted me and told me she was surprising her boys Andrew and Jason with a puppy. This lil guy is Snicker and he is a golden doodle which is a golden retriever and a poodle mix. She said she would really like a beach session with her Mom and Dad and the boys and of course the new addition to the family, so we decided what place would be better than a dog beach in Santa Cruz. Yes it got cold and windy but it was a quick fun family session. We created some beautiful memories and had so so much fun on the beach. Getting out of the bay area and tri valley parts of California is amazing sometimes. I would love to come back to Santa Cruz and shoot here some more.

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